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Again, we realize what you imagine. We find solutions for your demands!

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Our range of materials covers optical glass as well as synthetic quartz glass, natural quartz crystal, nonlinear crystals and laser crystals. From these, we fabricate e.g. plane slabs, wedged slabs, or scanner reflectors – as required, also with sophisticated geometries.

Bild 3 We are prepared for mass production as well as for custom-made parts, and we give you advice concerning the optimum dimensioning of your product. Through our assistance already during the research phase, and due to the continuous exchange of knowledge during the pilot phase, we can considerably contribute to the development of high-quality, but reasonably priced optical components.

Precision of surfaces, requirements of parallelism, purity of surface, and the precision of angles are parameters which we are happy to discuss with you in a close dialogue in order to adequately satisfy your needs. If necessary, we are prepared to go to the limits of feasibility.

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